Intellectual Property Platform

NoTex is a global censorship resistant blogging and intellectual property (IP) platform, that allows you to freely express yourself and to protect your thoughts or ideas.

Thanks to revolutionary technology you are enabled to publish anything without NoTex being able to block you – while offering IP protection!

Also, it does not require a login and hence an identification of your person. It protects your privacy further by not storing any data in a centralized location.

Markdown Editor

Instant Preview

Instant Preview

At its core, NoTex is an advanced editor, that allows you to draft your content using an intuitive syntax, which you do not need to learn thanks to easy to use toolbars.

While writing, your content is displayed in a preview panel, allowing you to get a quick impression of how your final blog post or publication will look alike. This includes fancy renderings of simple or complicated mathematical formulae.

Rich Plugin Ecosystem

Thanks to a seamless browser integration, you can take advantage of Chrome's vast number of productivity extensions or Firefox's add-ons.

For example, by enabling the Grammarly extension or add-on you can get state-of-the-art grammar and spell-checking suggestions.

Grammarly Plugins

One-Click Publication

One-Click Publication

You can publish your blog posts and ideas with a single click, and your content will immediately be made available to the general public – via a so-called gateway.

If you want to, you can also provide metadata like a title, description, author(s), email(s), or keyword(s).

Further, NoTex also supports publishing to, which however is not censorship resistant.

Unstoppable Delivery

Once published you can share your blog posts or intellectual property with anybody on the internet via the URL address.

Depending on the gateway you have chosen to publish with, your content might get deleted or even deliberately censored – which is outside of NoTex's control!

However, by installing the desktop application for a system called IPFS and then pinning your content, any compatible browser will be able to access your original post.

Also, by enabling the so-called IPFS Companion plugin for Chrome or add-on for Firefox, both browsers will become resistant to censorship.

Unstoppable Delivery

Blockchain Certification

Blockchain Certification

If you have an Ethereum or Avalanche compatible wallet like Metamask installed, then you can have your content certified on the corresponding blockchain – in exchange for a nominal fee directly paid to the blockchain network.

The resulting PDF certificate links to a so-called non-fungible token (NFT), witnessing that it was indeed you who has made the publication. This enables the protection of your rights on your intellectual property and even makes your blog posts tradable – in effect creating a global IP market!